Friday, January 21, 2022

SeeDevice Focuses on SWIR Sensing and Joins John Deere's 2022 Startup Collaborator Program

GlobeNewswire: Deere & Company announces the companies that will be part of the 2022 cohort of their Startup Collaborator program, including SeeDevice. This program launched in 2019 to enhance and deepen its interaction with startup companies whose technology could add value for John Deere customers.

SeeDevice is said to be a pioneer in CMOS-based SWIR image sensor technology, the first of its kind, based in quantum tunneling and plasmonic phenomena in standard logic CMOS process. A fabless quantum image sensor licensing company, Seedevice will collaborate with John Deere to implement its Quantum Photo-Detection-- QPD CMOS SWIR image sensor technology for agricultural and industrial applications and solutions. SeeDevice's unique technology is capable of broad-spectrum detection ability from a single CMOS pixel to detect spectral wavelengths from visual and near infrared -NIR (~400nm - 1,100nm), up to short-wave infrared -SWIR (~1,600nm), manufactured on a normal logic CMOS process.

"We're very honored to be invited to Deere's Start-up Collaborator program. The feasibility of a single-sensor solution from visible to SWIR wavelengths opens the doors to new industrial use-cases previously not possible due to the limitations of performance, cost, power, and size. To our knowledge, it is the first in the industry to achieve this level of performance, so we're excited to be working with John Deere to enhance next-generation image sensing devices with quantum sensing," said Thomas Kim, CEO and Founder of SeeDevice. 

SeeDevice has redesigned its website emphasizing the SWIR sensitivity of its image sensors:

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