Saturday, January 08, 2022

LiDAR News: Voyant, Innoviz, Quanergy

PRNewswire: Lidar-on-a-chip startup Voyant Photonics raises $15.4M in Series A. Voyant's LiDAR system, containing thousands of optical components fabricated on a single semiconductor chip, enables its customers to integrate an effective and exponentially more scalable LiDAR system than possible to date.

Innoviz CEO Omer Keilaf presents the requirements to the automotive LiDAR that the company has learned over 6 years of its existence:

PRNewswire:  The new Innoviz360 HD LiDAR is claimed to be a breakthrough that leapfrogs traditional, standard-resolution spinner solutions that are performance limited, expensive, big and unreliable. Unlike traditional spinner solutions that are performance limited with only up to 128 scanning lines, the new, lightweight, Innoviz360 LiDAR allows multiple scanning software configurations with up to 1280 scanning lines (10x) at a cost-effective and durable solution than traditional 360 LiDARs.

BusinessWire: Quanergy reports achieving 200m range in its S3 Series OPA LiDAR. . The demo included the detection and tracking of a target with 10% reflectivity mounted on a vehicle stationed 200 meters away and a person with dark clothes as he walked the entire distance to the vehicle at 200 meters.

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