Sunday, January 23, 2022

LiDAR with Entangled Photons

EPFL and Glasgow University publish an Optics Express paper "Light detection and ranging with entangled photons" by Jiuxuan Zhao, Ashley Lyons, Arin Can Ulku, Hugo Defienne, Daniele Faccio, and Edoardo Charbon.

"Single-photon light detection and ranging (LiDAR) is a key technology for depth imaging through complex environments. Despite recent advances, an open challenge is the ability to isolate the LiDAR signal from other spurious sources including background light and jamming signals. Here we show that a time-resolved coincidence scheme can address these challenges by exploiting spatio-temporal correlations between entangled photon pairs. We demonstrate that a photon-pair-based LiDAR can distill desired depth information in the presence of both synchronous and asynchronous spurious signals without prior knowledge of the scene and the target object. This result enables the development of robust and secure quantum LiDAR systems and paves the way to time-resolved quantum imaging applications."

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