Thursday, January 20, 2022

UV Sensors in SOI Process

Tower publishes a MDPI paper "Embedded UV Sensors in CMOS SOI Technology" by Michael Yampolsky, Evgeny Pikhay, and Yakov Roizin.

"We report on ultraviolet (UV) sensors employing high voltage PIN lateral photodiode strings integrated into the production RF SOI (silicon on isolator) CMOS platform. The sensors were optimized for applications that require measurements of short wavelength ultraviolet (UVC) radiation under strong visible and near-infrared lights, such as UV used for sterilization purposes, e.g., COVID-19 disinfection. Responsivity above 0.1 A/W in the UVC range was achieved, and improved blindness to visible and infrared (IR) light demonstrated by implementing back-end dielectric layers transparent to the UV, in combination with differential sensing circuits with polysilicon UV filters. Degradation of the developed sensors under short wavelength UV was investigated and design and operation regimes allowing decreased degradation were discussed. Compared with other embedded solutions, the current design is implemented in a mass-production CMOS SOI technology, without additional masks, and has high sensitivity in UVC."

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