Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Pixart Introduces Low-Power Intelligent Object Detecting Sensor

It appears that integration of vision processor with image sensor is becoming a trend. First, Himax and Sony did it, now - Pixart.

Pixart presents Low-Power Intelligent Object Detection (LIOD) product line and the working principle of its PAG7681LS sensor.

Correction: I got a following email from Pixart that corrects my post:

"Seem like you may misunderstand on the offering of our Low-power Intelligent Object Detection (LIOD) product. I would like to clarify that the PixArt supplying LIOD as a “processor” in the form of stand-alone chip that could be externally assembled with our image sensor to work as a complete intelligent vision system. The PAG7681LS is not a "Sensor" nor "Sensor Module" that integrates a vision processor with image sensor in the same board package. However, we do offer custom design service for any system module based on the custom requirements.

The PCB shown in the PAG7681LS product landing page in our website is the 3-in1 evaluation board for the solution of PixArt's Smart Forehead Temperature Detection that includes the three parts: PAF9701C1 (Far Infrared Sensor), PAG7920LT (Global Shutter Image Sensor), and PAG7681LS (Low-Power Intelligent Object Detection). In our current product line card, we supply the PAF9701C1, PAG7920LT and PAG7681LS as 3 stand-alone parts."

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