Sunday, January 30, 2022

SmartSens News

PRNewswire: PDF Solutions announces that SmartSen has selected Exensio Fabless as the platform to perform data management and analytics for their entire family of CIS products.

SmartSens has experienced superior performance and flexibility with Exensio Fabless, as well as powerful analytic templates, the combination of which has enabled SmartSens engineers to achieve a 50% reduction root cause analysis time.

SmartSens is very focused on the needs and requirements of our customers and achieve this by delivering innovative image sensors to the marketplace, and providing our customers with the product volume they need,” said Shao Zexu, VP of Process & IP Strategy at SmartSens. “Exensio Fabless enables our product engineering organization to achieve new levels of excellence in data analytics for all of our product lines. This has resulted in faster time-to-market and exceptional yield for our products, and has increased the demand for our products worldwide.

Smartsens announces the SC1346, a 1MP DSI-2 CMOS sensor for smart cameras. The 1MP SC1346 features a 2.65μm pixel size and comes in a 29-Pin CSP package.

Smartsense announces an in-depth cooperation with Hangzhou Acceleration Technology Co., Ltd. (Speedcury) to jointly develop ultra-high resolution high-speed image acquisition test system for high -speed interface testing of ultra-high frame rate image sensors . The high-speed image acquisition and test system is expected to have a data transmission rate of 3.5Gsps , which will help SmartSens accelerate the mass production of high-end CMOS sensors for smartphone main cameras, drones, 8K smart security cameras , and high-speed industrial cameras.

The 3.5Gsps CIS high-speed image acquisition test system (ST8016C) jointly developed by Smartsens and Acceleration Technology is expected to be completed and mass-produced in Q3, 2022.

Ouyang Jian, Deputy General Manager of Smartsens, says: "Currently Smartsens has the design capability to be compatible with both D-PHY and C-PHY high-speed data transmission interfaces. We will jointly develop a high-speed image acquisition and test system. I believe that with the combination of strong powers, we can further speed up the testing and mass production process of Smartsens' high-end CMOS image sensor products, so as to realize the effective sharing of resources and win-win development of both parties."

Ling Yun, General Manager of Accelerated Technology, said : "I am very pleased to be able to cooperate with a high-end image sensor company like SmartSens to develop a future-oriented CIS high-speed image acquisition test system. Accelerated Technology has always maintained a close cooperative relationship with SmartSens. At present, Smartsens' Kunshan test factory has been equipped with Accelerator Technology ATE Tester (ST2532) and has achieved mass production, with a production capacity of 9kk/month. Accelerator Technology will continue to help outstanding Chinese image sensor companies represented by Smartsens. The development of the company is striving to stand side by side with the international CIS chip giants in the forest of the world, and contribute to the vigorous development of China's semiconductor industry!"

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