Friday, January 28, 2022

Sony Stacked Sensor Inventions

Sony publishes a web page devoted to its notable inventions in stacked image sensors:

The first one is Japanese Patent 5773379 by Taku Umebayashi, Hiroshi Takahashi, and Reijiro Shoji devoted to stacking:

The second notable invention is BSI-optimized photodiode structure in Japanese Patent Number 3759435 by Ryoji Suzuki, Keiji Mabuchi (distinguished inventor at Omnivision now), and Tomonori Mori:

The third and fourth notable inventions are 1975 CCD-era back-illuminated N+NP+N junction type and an N+NP+NP junction type Pinned Photodiode (PPD) (Japanese patent application number 1975-127646, 1975-127647 Yoshiaki Hagiwara) and a PNP junction type PPD with VOD (vertical overflow drain) function (Japanese Patent No. 1215101 Yoshiaki Hagiwara).

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