Thursday, May 31, 2018

ADI Talks about its LiDAR for the First Time

SeekingAlpha transcript of Analog Devices earnings call has an interesting mention about the company's LiDAR development:

"If turn to autonomous vehicles, we haven’t really talked much before about our LIDAR solution, but we’re gaining design-ins today in long and short range, LIDAR systems with both the ADI mix signal technologies and the LT portfolios, and even getting some sockets for Hittite in the very, very high frequency areas. And these components compliment the more advanced capability that we’re working on now to produce a solid-state beam steering and photo-detector technology.

And that will dramatically drive the size, the cost, the power and we believe enable over the longer term that is the kind of mid to long-term 3, 4, 5 years mass deployment of LIDAR and we’ve got that new technology in terms of that more integrated system capability through the acquisition of Vescent sometime last year.

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