Monday, May 14, 2018

LFoundry 2017 Report

LFoundry 2017 report contains interesting info about the foundry, its customers, and the relationships with its mother company SMIC:

"The year began with the clear, challenging objective of equipping the Avezzano plant with further, alternative production capacity compared to its traditional focus on image sensors, made necessary by the growing demand from China and Asian markets.

This demand, however, then saw a sudden turnaround, and, at the same time, a strong increase in the request for image sensors on the part of our largest, long-standing customer. Therefore, we spent the second part of 2017 involved in another important company reorganisation process, undertaken in order to guarantee this long-established customer sufficient supplies to meet their growing demand for image sensors.

Today, LFoundry is an increasingly strong candidate to become a SMIC centre of excellence for CMOS Image Sensors, and to take on the role of strategic partner of the world leaders in the application of image sensors in the automotive field.

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