Thursday, May 03, 2018

Samsung Introduces ISOCELL Tertacell Slim Image Sensor

BusinessWire: Samsung introduces a 16MP ISOCELL Slim 3P9 image sensor along with a pre-optimized turnkey camera module to expedite time-to-market.

Samsung’s ISOCELL image sensors take advantage of various technologies to deliver innovative imaging experiences in mobile devices,” said Ben K. Hur, VP of System LSI marketing at Samsung. “The ISOCELL Plug and Play solution will help reduce time-to-market for set makers and offer a quality-assured camera solution to end-users.

The Samsung ISOCELL Slim 3P9 is a 1.0μm 16MP image sensor with Tetracell technology that merges four neighboring pixels so that the 3P9 can function as a 2.0μm image sensor for front-facing cameras that can take brighter pictures in low-lit environments.

For faster auto-focusing, the 3P9 PDAF with doubled auto-focus agent density than that of conventional PDAF sensors. In addition, the sensor significantly stabilizes pictures and videos taken while in motion with a gyro-synchronizer that syncs frame exposure time from the sensor with movement data from the device’s gyroscope. Once the data is synced, the mobile processor can simply adjust the frames based on movement rather than rigorously analyzing each frame to detect and compensate for angular movement.

Samsung Plug and Play solution for the 3P9 is a rear camera module made up of parts from different providers. Since the optimization and reliability tests are done beforehand at the module-level rather than on the sensor alone, manufacturers can simply plug the camera module onto their device, saving up to four months of development time.

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