Thursday, May 10, 2018

ON Semi Expands Assembly & Test Facility in Rochester

BusinessWire: ON Semi expands its manufacturing facility in Rochester, NY. The site develops and manufactures image sensors for commercial, industrial and professional imaging applications, including machine vision, surveillance, traffic monitoring, medical and scientific imaging, and photography. Located on a 4.2-acre site with over 260,000 square feet of building space, the expanded facility supports wafer fab, wafer probe, assembly, and test and packaging operations for specialized high-performance CCD and CMOS sensors.

Not only is the screen on your smart phone or TV likely inspected with image sensors manufactured at the Lake Avenue site, but image sensors manufactured at this facility are also on the surface of Mars, orbiting Jupiter and the Moon, and used in commercial satellites that monitor the Earth’s surface,” said Michael Miller, GM and director of operations at ON Semiconductor.

Manufacturing is a core competency for ON Semiconductor and the majority of ON Semiconductor’s manufacturing operations are done internally through the company’s industry leading cost structure,” said Bill Schromm, EVP and COO. “This expansion is important to our company, as it significantly increases our assembly capacity at the ON Semiconductor Rochester location.

Rochester is known for its innovations in digital imaging, including the design and development of state-of-the art image sensors over the past decades. Assembly and test has always been a key part of the equation, and as the resolution and complexity of the sensors continues to increase, these operations have become critical,” said Herb Erhardt, GM, Industrial Solutions Division. “The increased level of capability and capacity enabled by this expansion is our answer to meeting these critical market needs, and the fact that we are doing it here in Rochester speaks to the capabilities of the teams we build here.

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