Thursday, May 03, 2018

SmartSens Presents "Starlight Class" 1080p Sensor

PRNewswire: China-based SmartSens introduces a "starlight class" 1080p60 sensor SC2310, another product based on the SmartClarity NIR-enhancing technology after the introduction of the SC5235.

"Advanced integrated circuit architecture and BSI process gives this series of products exceptional night vision capability, allowing this series of products to present full color images even under extreme low light conditions with minimum illumination."

SC2310 has an optical format of 1/2.7", 3.0um BSI pixel with a sensitivity of 4800mV/Lux·s, a maximum SNR of 43dB, and a DR greater than 100dB. Also, SC2310 includes NIR sensitivity enhancement, allowing the QE at 850-940nm to almost double.

This sensor is targeted to be in mass production by Q2 2018.

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