Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Sony Unveils 9um Pixel GS Sensors, Automotive Lineup

Sony presents a new line of global shutter sensors with 9um-large pixels:

Sony also unveils a new lineup of automotive HDR image sensors with LED flicker mitigation:


  1. I suppose RCCC stands for red-clear-clear-clear. How to get a color image from RCCC? Is this the first time somebody uses RCCC?

  2. You can't obtain a color image from RCCC, it's for automotive where you need a RED image and a B&W image to detect surroundings and RED lights.

    1. Can it tell green and yellow light from red? Is there a need to?

    2. No need at present as cars aren't quite driving themselves. This is more for safety override and red is important for that.

    3. I thought this was also useful for distinguishing between yellow and white line lane markers...


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