Friday, May 11, 2018

Oppo 3D Sensing Update

Mydrivers: A number of Chinese news sites cover Oppo May 10th meeting devoted to the company work on the 3D sensing for smartphones. Unfortunately, most of the information is in Chinese, but one can understand that Oppo is preparing structured light based 3D face recognition and in many other applications too. The 3D camera is said to be mass production ready and Oppo plans to launch first phones with it in the next 6 months:


  1. Page1: Reconstruct the 3D face based on the dot pattern data
    Basic theory: The emitter projects the structure light to the object surface, then the camera captures the reflection information. The phone would do the analysis to the captured image to get the position/depth information and then reconstruct the 3D model.

    Page2: The applications of the OPPO 3D structure light: Payment, 3D reconstruction, Augment Reality, Game

    Page3: Technique / spec
    Baseline (Tx to Rx): 40mm
    Resolution: 15K physical dots / camera 0.3Mega pixel
    Precision: +/- 0.5mm
    Security: 1/1,000,000 failure rate(?)
    FrameRate: 30ms
    levels of human face: 2048 levels(?)
    Algorithm speed: 100ms

  2. for the following two points, a more precise way to put it:

    "levels of human face: 2048 levels(?)" -> dimensionality of face recognition: 2048 dimensionalities

    "FrameRate: 30ms" -> 3D data acquisition time: 30ms

    FYR, thanks.


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