Tuesday, May 01, 2018

TI Unveils Single-Chip ToF System

TI OPT8320 3D ToF SoC integrates pixel array, timing generator, ADC, depth engine, and illumination driver. The built-in depth engine computes the depth data from the digitized sensor data. In addition to the phase data, the depth engine provides auxiliary information consisting of amplitude, ambient, and flags for each pixel and the full-array statistical information in the form of a histogram. As a fully integrated solution, it stands out in the company's ToF lineup:


  1. This is an old chip, and actually as far as I know, it was discontinued.

    Take a look at this datasheet from Mouser, it is from Dec 2015:

    I am wondering if they are bringing it back to market.

    1. Indeed, you are right. The chip was first mentioned in Dec 2015:


      However, the brief datasheet from TI site is dated by April 2018, and its revision history says "April 2018 - initial release". It's hard to figure out what's happen here.


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