Thursday, May 10, 2018

Himax Reports Q1 Results

GlobeNewswire: Himax updates on its imaging business with the new focus on 3D imaging and new product - under-display optical fingerprint sensors:

"Himax SLiMTM 3D sensing solution for premium Android smartphone is mass production ready in Q1 2018 as planned, awaits smartphone makers and their ecosystem partners to integrate 3D sensing technologies into the new end products. Each smartphone makers have different design and requirement for facial recognition and online payment, such developments are taking longer than the Company anticipated. Company now targets the end of 2018 for shipment to customers

..we are pleased to report an emerging optical fingerprint opportunity for CMOS image sensor business. Combining the leading fingerprint solution design of our partner and a low-power CMOS image sensor with superior sensitivity which we fully customized for this purpose, a number of design-in projects are already ongoing and we expect more to come.

Along with the new smartphone designs featuring edge-to-edge displays, structured light 3D sensing and ASC 3D sensing, both for facial recognition, as well as under-display optical sensor for fingerprint authentication are three new approaches for phone unlock and online payment to replace the traditional home button with capacitive fingerprint technology. Himax is uniquely positioned in that we offer critical technologies in all of the three solutions and are already a key player by forming different collaboration partnerships for each of the three alternatives.

From the company's factsheet:

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