Friday, May 04, 2018

Interview with Boyd Fowler, Omnivision CTO

3DInCities publishes an interview with Boyd Fowler, Omnivision CTO. Omnivision Nyxel NIR enhancing sensor has been a winner of 3D InCites Award in the Device of the Year category. Few quotes from the interview:

"...drivers of digital imaging technology have converged to two distinct paths: digital photography and machine-vision applications. The former has been the main driver for some time. The latter is a relatively new and growing market space.

Ten years down the road, everything you own could have a camera in it...

High reliability is mission critical for the automotive and medical markets, but the industry doesn’t always see it that way. We consider our automotive and medical image sensors almost as a separate business from our consumer segments to ensure their reliability.

...cost reduction has been another hurdle to overcome. “20 years ago, CMOS image sensors were boutique technologies and very expensive,” said Fowler. “While performance is increasing, the expectation is that the price will drop. Perpetuating that is an ongoing challenge.”, the packaging used to meet reliability requirements ends up being larger and bulkier than other camera modules. What is needed is high reliability combined with very small packaging.

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