Friday, May 11, 2018

Albert Theuwissen Lectures on Video

CEI makes available for purchase 3 videos with Albert Theuwissen lectures:

Introduction to Correlated and Uncorrelated Noise in Imagers

Characterization of Noise in Dark

Characterization of Noise with Light


  1. This almost becomes comical: 200 EUR for a watching basic 100 min (on-demand?? video) on noise?

    About 30 years ago Janesick developed a great technique - shared it with everyone, didn't ask a penny for it - rarely gets referred or credited...

    Well, I guess that's how the academic model is rolling nowadays...

    1. Actually, Janesick is widely credited for his PTC works.

      As for the price, it reflects the knowledge that Albert accumulated over tens of years working with image sensors.

      The knowledge has its price. If you have a difficult to find defect in your car engine, and an experiences mechanic finds and fixes it in 5min, do you pay him for his time or his knowledge?

    2. If you know this material, the price might seem high. If you are just starting, or training new employees, the price is not so bad. How much would it cost to bring an expert in to teach a private class at a company for 100 minutes? Several hundred euros per hour for sure plus transportation etc. Besides, most experts wont waste a day for only a few hundred euros of income so you probably could not get anyone to come in.

      What I find surprising is offering the videos at all. It is a huge risk for Albert who makes a living educating sensor technologists. I hope it works out. BTW, I would consider paying for a video to educate my own new graduate students. It is good for them to hear a different voice on the subject.

      Regarding Jim Janesick and PTC, Jim himself credits George Root for this:
      and says the origin started with vidicon tube characterization. But Jim full developed the technique and widely shared it, and deserves much credit for his contributions. But, you still have to pay to buy his big book.

    3. Albert Theuwissen - Harvest ImagingMay 15, 2018 at 5:34 PM

      Thanks Vladimir, thanks Eric for your kind words.

      Considering the cost : please take into account that the production of the videos has costed a lot of time and effort, it is done by professionals and also these people have to eat at the end of the day. And BTW, if you find that the price is too high, then simply ignore the courses, you are a free woman or man.


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