Thursday, May 31, 2018

Mantis Vision 3D Camera in Xiaomi Smartphone

PRNewswire: Mantis Vision announces a strategic partnership with one of the largest smartphone makers in China, Xiaomi. As part of the collaboration, Xiaomi will integrate a 3D camera, operated by Mantis Vision, as the 3D front camera in Mi8 Explorer Edition smartphone

Xiomi's new Mi8 Explorer Edition flagship device is said to be the world's first Android device with integrated 3D imaging and scanning capabilities. The 3D camera will allow 3D face scanning and recognition, face 3D capturing for a secure ePayment, and will enable AR features both for end users as well as for developers.

Mantis Vision's technology is based on structured light and a smart decoding algorithm. According to Gur Arie Bittan, founder and CEO of Mantis Vision: "Shrink optical stack and size from centimeters to millimeters, incorporate Vcel lasers that were still nascent technologies at the time, meet OEM's power consumption drastic points and conform with eye safety regulations, build camera brackets module that synchronizes with RGB existing cameras, define and prepare for mass production calibration and on software invent effective decoding patters algorithms and pipelines running on one Arm Core on the AP. Mantis Vision Teams overcame the many challenges they were confronted and succeeded build the most cost-effective 3D Structure Light camera module there is on the market today while using Mantis Vision in-house IP's."

Few pictures from today's Xiaomi presentation (sorry, I can't translate Chinese):


  1. Those Chinese characters in the pictures are:

    Picture 1: "3D structured light technology for obtaining depth information of a face"
    The elements from the left to right are: IR camera, front RGB camera, LED indicator, ambient light sensor, speaker, ToF distance sensor, flood illuminator, dot projector

    Picture 2: "Projecting 33,000 coded dot array for creating 3D facial model at the millimeter level"

    Picture 3:
    left (Mi8 Explorer): coded structured light solution
    right (iPhone X): random spot structured light solution

    Picture 4: "Based on 3D structured light technology, realizing safer face recognition"
    And it also compares the error rate for 3D structured light (1,000,000 : 1) and fingerprint (50,000 : 1).

  2. Slide 1: 3D structured light technology extracts face depth information
    Slide 2: Project 33000 coded dot array to construct mm level 3D face model
    Slide 3: Xiaomi coded structured light pattern vs. iPhone X random dot pattern
    Slide 4: Based on the 3D structured light technology, realized safer face recognition method

  3. Thank you for your help with translation!

  4. amazing achievement! congrats to Gur and the rest of the Mantis team!

  5. What about patent situation?

    1. Mantis has been around since 2005. earlier than any other SL cameras so I think they got this covered.

  6. Does anyone know what's being used in RED's Hydrogen One?


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