Wednesday, September 16, 2015

4K Resolution, Extended Color Gamut Space Find Their Way to Endoscopes

Sony, Olympus, and their medical joint venture - Sony Olympus Medical Solutions Inc. - announce that their jointly developed 4K surgical endoscopy system will be commercialized since early October 2015. Sony Olympus Medical Solutions has brought together the core technologies and expertise of Sony (image sensors, image and signal processing, optical transmission, 4K imaging) and Olympus (medical products R&D, deep understanding of the needs of the medical community) and combined them to create a powerful technological base and image processing system for medical devices.

Sony contributed its technology and expertise in 4K and digital imaging. For the 4K camera head, Sony provided its 4K Exmor R CMOS image sensor, image and signal processing technologies, and miniaturization technologies, which - taken together - make for very high image clarity and advanced functionality. In addition, Sony's 4K image transmission technologies made possible the nearly latent-free delivery of 4K visuals from the endoscope to the monitor.


  1. Color gamuts define display spaces and have nothing to do with image sensors. To demonstrate that the sensor can acquire colors that can be accurately transformed into the display space, they need to show a charts of color error at various places in the display space. If this is a prism-based camera, they need to be very careful to pick a set of points that examines the limitations of their specific prism bands.

    1. > " ... they need to show a charts of color error at various places in the display space. If this is a prism-based camera, they ... ".

      They Olympus are selling a "Tool" to Doctors, not "Image Sensors" to Engineers.

      Here's the PDF Brochure's Webpage: .

      Call it 'Marketing', call it wrong (as you did); it needs to be in the Audience's language - They want WYSIWYG, and finer color definition.

      Inside a closed body there is no light, so they use a "4K xenon light" (I sure hope they mean the light source is four Kelvin by that term) to illuminate inside.

      That Xenon Lamp is not exactly the same color curve as Sunlight (pure white light) but it's as good as is practical.

      The Sensor is made by Sony, Olympus makes no changes; it works the way it's Spec. Sheets say.

      The final link in the chain is that Olympus uses a Sony proprietary OptiContrast™ Panel.

      Since Olympus knows the color curve of the light source, the Sensor, and the Monitor it is THEIR CLAIM that you can use their Equipment to see inside people and view their innards in the REC2020 Color Space - that is what is 'new' and purported to be beneficial to the Doctor (so they'll buy a few of these instead of a competing product).

      In this case they are 'guaranteeing the Gamut', since they control the light that 'goes in' (pun intended), they control the processing of the Sensor's output, and they can calibrate for the Display that they supply.

      That's how I read it.


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