Wednesday, September 02, 2015

SENSORS Journal Special Issue on Photon-Counting Image Sensors

IISS announces it is preparing a special issue of the journal SENSORS on Photon-Counting Image Sensors to be published in Spring 2016. The issue will contain all invited papers and all will be open-access. Invited authors (up to 20 due to budget) will not be charged any publication fee, open-access fee, or page charges for this special issue, which is sponsored by SENSORS and IISS. The Guest-Editor-in-Chief for the special issue is Eric Fossum (Dartmouth) with guest editors Albert Theuwissen (Delft and Harvest Imaging) and Nobu Teranishi (Univ. Hyogo and Shizuoka University). While there is already a list of potential invited speakers, there may be room for a few more and anyone wishing to be considered for an invited paper should contact Eric Fossum: fossum at with a very brief proposal as soon as possible. Interest is in deep sub-electron read noise (less than 0 .5e-) devices and readout circuits, including low capacitance devices, devices with avalanche gain, multiple-sampling devices, low temperature devices, high energy photon counting devices as well as image formation algorithms and applications.

The IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices Special Issue on Solid-State Image Sensors (also coordinated by IISS, with Albert Theuwissen as Guest-Editor-in-Chief) is scheduled for publication in February 2016. Many of the 25+ IEEE TED SI papers are already available via early access on-line at IEEE Xplore, but only some are open-access.

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  1. I note that David Stoppa and Edoardo Charbon have graciously agreed to join the editorial team.


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