Thursday, September 24, 2015

Olympus 16MP Stacked Global Shutter Sensor Presentation

Olympus presented its 16MP global shutter stacked sensor at Fraunhofer System Integration Technologies seminar in June 2015:


  1. This is very exciting. Hope it's going into production. A nice shot in the arm for M43 users

  2. It is a good start, but it does not look like this design is ready for primetime. Frame rate is too low for use with modern EVFs or for video even with extensive pixel skipping. The existing 16MP Sony sensor that Olympus uses spits out 23fps and the new 20MP in GX8 runs at 27fps. Still, it is a step in the right direction, although I confess that the pixel architecture in that powerpoint looks like it will be at a significant noise disadvantage compared to some other designs I have seen.

    1. 5fps is for full sensor read out with GS at resolution of 4608 x 3480 (=16MP). EVF does not need nearly as much, the current top of the line is 2.36mm dots, that is less than 1MP. And it's still possible to use global shutter for the Superfine video at 1920x1080 (=2MP) resolution.


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