Tuesday, September 08, 2015

TI Presents ToF Camera Calculator

I've received TI announcement of a nice 3D ToF camera estimator tool: "TI aims to develop an ecosystem around 3D Time-of-Flight technology that enables many applications apart from the most obvious gesture recognition applications. 3D ToF systems require a lot of collateral support. Some of the obvious questions that comes to a system designer's mind are - How do I know if 3D ToF can solve my problem? What would be the power required to get 'r' mm resolution at 'D' distance at 'F' framerate? What kind of lens would be needed? How does sunlight affect the performance? Do I have sufficient dynamic range or I get saturation with objects at close distance? etc.
To answer all of these questions, TI now provides an internally developed simulation tool here - 3D ToF System Estimator Tool:

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