Wednesday, September 23, 2015

0.22e- Read Noise Reported

IEEE Journal of the Electron Devices Society allows an early open access to the paper "Characterization of Quanta Image Sensor Pump-Gate Jots with Deep Sub-electron Read Noise" by Jiaju Ma, Dakota Starkey, Arun Rao, Kofi Odame, and Eric R. Fossum of Dartmouth College. The paper reports noise of the best pixel in the array of 0.22e-:

The average pixel noise was somewhat higher:

And here is the image lag measurements:


  1. Yes!

    It is such a pleasure to read such work! I can't wait to read further results.

    May the Jots be! :-)

    Much luck and effectiveness to your team in your work, professor Fossum!

  2. A 1um pitch shared readout jot version has now been published. Unfortunately, due to extra wiring capacitance read noise is barely in the deep sub-electron read noise range.
    A 1┬Ám-pitch Quanta Image Sensor Jot Device with Shared Readout, JJ Ma, L Anzagira, and ER Fossum, IEEE JEDS


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