Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Apple Announces Buried CFA and DTI in its New iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Image Sensors

Imaging Resource reports that a 12MP image sensor inside iSight cameras on the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus feature two new technologies:

"The first of these is the decision to move the color filter that normally sits above the sensor directly onto top of the pixels, leaving less room for error. The second technology is the use of what Apple calls ‘Deep Trench Isolation’, which puts small dividers between the pixels to prevent light from bouncing around unnecessarily."

A Youtube video from today's Apple event shows the camera part of the presentation, starting from time 1:25:


  1. do they use always Sony image sensors?

  2. In the past they have used Omnivision image sensors.. I think up to the iPhone 4.

  3. Who has the color filter technology?? Sony,toppan or visera???

  4. Is it "just" CFA directly on top of a back-illuminated device + deep trech isolation?

  5. Does this sensor has any on chip memory option?

  6. Buried CFA and DTI: it is like the Samsung technology.

  7. It is kind of funny how they dance around words like Sony, BSI or Exmor RS. It must be quite a difficult position for Apple to only have "state of the art" when they are expected to deliver "groundbreaking new"...
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