Tuesday, September 01, 2015

ADAS Acronyms

As ADAS becomes a bigger and more important market for image sensor, Videantis publishes a list of ADAS-related acronyms helping you to navigate in the automotive world. Few examples of this new parlance showing how broad the car camera applications are:

  • ANV – Automotive Night Vision. Also known as Night View Assist.
  • APS – Automatic Parking System
  • BSD – Blind Spot Detection
  • BSM – Blind Spot Monitoring
  • BSW – Blind Spot Warning
  • BOP – Back-over Protection, Back-over Prevention
  • CIB – Crash Imminent Braking, Collision Imminent Braking
  • CDW – Collision Detection Warning
  • CAS – Collision Avoidance System
  • CMS – Camera Monitor System
  • CTA – Cross-Traffic Alert
  • DDW – Drowsy Driver Warning
  • DFW – Driver Fatigue Warning
  • DDD – Driver Drowsiness Detection
  • DMS – Driver Monitoring System
  • EDA – Emergency Driver Assistant
  • FCA – Forward Collision Avoidance
  • FCW – Forward Collision Warning
  • GFHB – Glare-free High Beam
  • HLA – Head Lamp Assist
  • ISA – Intelligent Speed Adaptation, Intelligent Speed Advice
  • LCA – Lane Change Assist, Lane Centering Assist
  • LD – Lane Detection
  • LDW – Lane Departure Warning
  • LKA – Lane Keeping Assist
  • RVC – Rear view camera
  • SVC – Surround View Camera
  • WWDA – Wrong-Way Driving Alert
  • WWDW – Wrong-Way Driving Warning

There are many more of them on Videantis site, accompanied by the nice explanations.


  1. Great. Now all I need is to find out what ADAS stands for :)

  2. It is second on the list:
    "ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance System
    An electronic system that aids the driver for a safer and more comfortable driving experience. Often based on camera technology, but can also include other sensors like radar, laser, or ultrasound."

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    1. Not funny, and should be deleted as being offensive to all women engineers. Grow up.

    2. Wow that is really offensive. Way to go.


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