Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pinnacle to Offer Embedded HDR Tech for Licensing

PRWeb: Pinnacle Imaging Systems acquires the IP, products and trademarks developed by Unified Color Technologies with plans to offer its technology as embedded HDR solutions for digital still and video cameras.

With our technology embedded in next generation still and video cameras, system designers requiring improved video quality will be able to deliver the most accurate color and tonal rendition possible for real-time HDR capture,” said Alfred Zee, President & CEO of Pinnacle Imaging Systems.

HDR video capture is the new frontier for improving video quality and data capture for recognition. Currently, demand for HDR video is being driven from the top-down with digital content creators looking for HDR capabilities to be embedded into cameras and production equipment, and consumers seeking HDR-capable smart TV's and set top boxes. Eventually that demand will trickle down into consumer mobile devices over the next three to five years,” said Ron Tussy, Principal Analyst, The Imerge Group. “Embedded HDR tone mapping will not only improve the quality of video, but is also a critical underlying technology necessary to improve data for applications such as depth mapping and recognition in automotive ADAS as well as security/surveillance applications. Pinnacle Imaging Systems, with their proprietary IP, is the only provider of embedded HDR video that keeps all the color data intact and does so without a color shift.

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