Saturday, September 12, 2015

SPI Corp's Hyper Fidelity Intensified Sensor HFIS

SPI Infrared Corp. presents The X26 Hyper Fidelity Intensified Sensor (HFIS) camera. It's said to be "a state of the art, cutting edge digital HD High Definition Camera that utilizes Advanced BsTFA (Broad spectrum Thin Film Array). The X26 Low Light Imaging Camera works in day or night. Its stellar night time capabilities are where the X26 really performs. The ultra sensitive chip outperforms currently fielded and widely used military issue Image Intensified night vision systems which are analog, The X26 is fully digital and images to 1100 nanometers, at this range the X26 low light night vision CMOS is able to see battlefield 1064NM lasers and all IR sources up to 1100 NM. The X26 is a tiny (1″ Cube) extremely efficient, low power consuming, no maintenance true digital image intensified night vision sensor which offers incredible High Resolution image quality never seen before in any low light level night vision or CMOS imaging technology."

"The X26 Broad Spectrum Thin Film Array is the absolute best low light digital imaging military grade night vision solution that offers exceptionally better night vision capabilities over SWIR, SCmos, CNV, EMCCD, EBAPS, E2V, Nocturn and all other current CCD/CMOS chip / intensified cameras, and low lux light sensor technologies which are also extremely expensive & power hungry."

"Unlike other low light technologies, the x26 DOES NOT slow down its frame rate to compensate for darker scenes, and retains full frame rate imaging, this is another area where the HFIS BsTFA excels dramatically over any other low light night / low lux technology available ANYWHERE."

SPI Corp's X26 brochure shows the new sensor picture with iStock watermarks for some reason:

SPI HFiS X26 sensor

The company's Youtube and Vimeo videos show the new sensor capabilities:

Thanks to YN for the link!


  1. Why does the guy in the second Video wear sunglasses at 11:45 p.m. ?!

    1. IR cannot pass through glass :)

    2. define IR...
      a lot of IR does pass through glass.

  2. These are laser protection glasses. :-)

  3. Would be very cool for astronomy imaging !

  4. Yes, on the second video, the guy seems smoking. But we cannot see the cigarette, maybe a faked video and faked device. It's surprising that a real device of such performance be annonced on the social video sites.

  5. They have a LOT of Photos / Videos of the X26 and X27 here:

  6. Looks like some new cutting edge sensor technologies, Probably catered towards three letter agencies and military divisions. Impressive

  7. Looks very impressive, the fact that it goes up to 1200 nm is desirable in a low light sensor


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