Tuesday, September 22, 2015

TPSCo News

TowerJazz September 2015 newsletter updates on TowerJazz-Panasonic foundry progress:

"TPSCo has developed CIS production solutions with world leading quantum efficiencies, sub-blooming pixel charge saturation figures of merit, and dark current/white pixel performance due to our unique proprietary dual light pipe structure coupled with an ultra-deep photodiode structure. We offer 65nm CIS process solutions for pixel requirements from 1.12um to 6um and above pitch, in sensor sizes from VGA to full frame and above using 1D or 2D stitching technology. This includes full wafer 300mm sensors for X-ray applications. We are offering optimized pixel designs free of charge to qualified customers for fast sensor development. Additionally, we will offer a global shutter process with selected customer sampling in Q1 2016. Finally, we are now focusing on development of ultra-high QE sensors with a new light collecting technology. This technology will be ready for customer samples in 2017."

"[In Korea,] we have already started detailed discussions on CMOS image sensor (CIS) opportunities with several worldwide well-known surveillance and mobile companies who are interested in 65nm CIS technology on 300mm wafers. The state of the art pixel which is known as the best in the world is especially drawing customers’ attention."

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