Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Imaging Companies in EETimes 60 Silicon Startups List

EETimes publishes its "Silicon 60: 2015's Startups to Watch" list. There are quite a few imaging companies there:
  • Geo Semiconductor Inc. (San Jose, Calif.) founded in 2009, is a fabless semiconductor company that designs video and geometry processing integrated circuits (ICs). Its chips have found use in consumer displays and projection systems and the company is moving into automotive and security applications.
  • Gpixel Inc. (Changchun, China) develops high-end CMOS image sensor solutions for industrial, medical and scientific applications. Founded in 2012, the company produces standard off-the-shelf image sensors, as well as customer-designed products. In 2014 Gpixel worked with foundry Tower Semiconductor Ltd. to produce a record-setting 150-Mpixel full-frame CMOS image sensor.
  • InVisage Technologies Inc. (Menlo Park, Calif.) is a fabless semiconductor company developing QuantumFilm, an imaging-sensing technology that it claims has superior performance to silicon. Its first product enables high-resolution images from handheld devices such as camera phones and PDAs. Founded in 2006, in 2015, InVisage opened its first high-volume manufacturing facility, QFAB3, in Hsinchu, Taiwan.
  • NeuroMem Inc. (Petaluma, Calif.) founded in October 2014 develops, markets and licenses neuromorphic circuits and sells chips, boards and development tools for pattern recognition and classification applications. Company is spin-off from General Vision Inc., developer of the CM1K neural network IC and the same technology is present in the Quark SE processor from Intel.
  • Softkinetic SA (Brussels, Belgium) founded in 2007 is a developer of sensor-to-software 3D gesture recognition systems. It has licensed its platform to Texas Instruments Inc. and Melexis SA.
  • TeraDeep Inc. (Santa Clara, Calif.) founded in December 2013 as spin off from Purdue University to focus on the design of mobile coprocessors and neural network hardware for the understanding of images and videos.
  • V-Nova Ltd. (London, England) founded in 2011 by Guido Meardi (CEO), Luca Rossato (chief scientist), Eric Achtmann (executive chairman) and Pierdavide Marcolongo (angel investor), to create a superior video codec. Perseus is the result and is being developed in an open innovation model with a business consortium that includes Broadcom, Encompass, Intel, Hitachi and Sky Italia.
  • Wavelens SA (Grenoble, France) is a CEA-Leti spinoff that was launched in November 2012. The company focuses on developing MEMS optical systems to integrate such autofocus, image stabilization and zoom.

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