Friday, September 18, 2015

2016 BMW 7 Series Gesture Control

Autoevolution: One of the big new features in the new 2016 BMW 7 Series cars is a gesture control. "The system uses a 3D sensor installed in the roof lining of the car, next to the rearview mirror. It recognizes the hand gestures of the driver, as long as he keeps his hand between the steering wheel, dash and the gearshift lever. The system works best if you use gestures close to the dash and in front of the iDrive screen."

BMW video tutorial shows its operation:


  1. BMW won't officially divulge who did the 3D image module and software, but well placed sources said it is from a company whose name is the opposite of "hard potential".

  2. I heard that they are using a 3D PMD sensor?


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