Thursday, September 17, 2015

Photoneo 3D Multi-Image Sensing

Slovakia-based 3D camera startup Photoneo announces its ToF PhoXi Cam:

"We are changing the industry and are working hard to make the impossible a reality. Our patent pending technology embedded into the PhoXi Cam can deliver the high quality outputs of the structured light systems like PhoXi Scan with the speed of Time of Flight systems.

Based on our revolutionary sensor technology, we are able to capture the high-resolution 3D data with a single frame of the camera. We call it the Multi-Image sensing and it is based on a massive parallelism on a level of photons. In collaboration with our projection unit, it basically freezes objects in space and deliver a motion-blur free 3D reconstruction. It is suitable for all dynamic applications (alongside of all static ones).

This level of performance is possible due to our custom-design smart CMOS sensor. We hope, that our camera will help to shape the new wave of industry automation. To serve as a vision platform for new autonomous systems aware of their surroundings.

It appears that Germany-based Ximea was somehow involved in PhoXi Cam design.

Photoneo's only published patent application WO2015132726 "Method and Apparatus for Superpixel Modulation" by KOVACOVSKY Tomas, MALY Michal, and ZIZKA Jan has 105 pages and describes a modulated structured light image sensor, rather than the ToF one. The application presents an array of superpixels, each of them being a group of 3 x 3 pixels. Each pixel in the group get orthogonal demodulation signals:

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  1. It seems it is structured light but with the supposed speed of tof.


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