Thursday, September 24, 2015

Omnivision Announces Sensor for Iris Recognition

PRNewswire: OmniVision announces the OV2281, a new PureCel sensor to implement a biometric security functionality mobile devices. The low-power, ultra-compact OV2281 leverages 1.12-micron pixel and optimized IR sensitivity. It enables reliable iris recognition for smartphones, tablets and notebooks, in both landscape and portrait orientations.

"With the convergence of digital identities, security concerns and mobile commerce, industry experts project that 13 billion biometric applications will be downloaded by 2.2 billion mobile users between 2014 and 2020, [according to Acuity Market Intelligence report]" said Archie de Guzman, staff product manager at OmniVision. "In this context, iris detection appears poised to become the next trend in biometric security for mobile devices. The OV2281 therefore enters the market as an extremely compelling solution by offering accurate horizontal or vertical iris detection in a compact and power-efficient package."

The 1/7.5-inch OV2281 PureCel sensor can record 1080p high-definition video at 60fps in both portrait and landscape orientation, thus supporting iris detection in either situation. When recording full-resolution 1920 x 1920 video at 30fps, the sensor requires just 120 mW. It also supports an ultra-low power mode that can reduce power consumption to approximately 25 mW. As a monochrome sensor, the OV2281 boasts exceptional IR sensitivity. This sensitivity allows it to produce clear and fully stable images in difficult low-light conditions.

The sensor fits into a 5.5 x 5.5 mm module with a z-height of less than 4.5 mm. The OV2281 is currently in volume production.


  1. Product brief shows a color photo on the device, but the OV2281 is monochrome?

  2. 1.12 micron pixels make more sense for visible band with a color filter array than for monochrome IR.


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