Thursday, September 24, 2015

SPI Corp Presents Color Version of its Hyper Fidelity Intensified Sensor

SPI Corp. updates its Hyper Fidelity Intensified Sensor HFIS page and publishes a Youtube video of X27 sensor, said to be the color version of X26:

"COMING SOON: x27 COLOR TUBELESS NIGHT VISION Sensor, with full color day/night imaging capabilities, the video shown above was filmed at night with 1/4 moon conditions. Color Night vision Imaging performance and sensitivity has never been available until now."


  1. I have to say that we are between a real revolution and VW-like event.

  2. I think the NHK SuperHARP tube achieved the same level of performance, but of course it is a tube camera.

    In this video, as in the other, the apparent absence of shot noise at ~0.001 lux is quite remarkable, esp with color.

  3. at 0:34 visible shadow of a man. where the shadow of the night?

    1. from the lights on the top of the hill


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