Thursday, September 10, 2015

2015 Image Sensors Americas Agenda Published

Image Sensors Americas 2015 to be held in Berkeley, CA on November 17-19, published its agenda:

Future Outlook for CIS Technology and Markets:
  • Image Sensors for the Next Generation of Globally Connected Technology, Ron Tussy, President and Principal Analyst, The Imerge Group
  • Image Sensor Market Overview and Major Trends, Pierre Cambou, Activity Leader - Imaging, Yole Developpement
  • Title TBC, Tsutomu Haruta, Senior Manager, Sony
  • Objective Image Quality Testing and Standards – Implications for New Sensor Applications, Jackson Roland, Imaging Science Engineer, Imatest
Small Form Factor Cameras – Creating New Opportunities with Ever Smaller Imagers:
  • Imaging in Small Spaces, Lou Hermans, COO, CMOSIS
  • The Need for Highly Efficient and Automated Assembly - Enabling Technologies, Ignazio Piacentini, Director of Business Development, FiconTEC
  • Introducing Low Cost MIPI Cameras to Clamshell Form Factors, Rich Hicks, Imaging Architect, Intel
  • Slim Form Factor Cameras for Mobile Applications, Speaker TBC
Advances in Image Processing for Growing Applications:
  • 360° Image Quality Tuning Using Panomorph Technology, Patrice Roulet, Director of Engineering and Co-Founder of Technology, ImmerVision
  • Computer Vision - Review of the Latest Developments in Industry and Academia, Ashok Veeraraghavan, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rice University
  • Deep Learning - Impacts on Sensor Design. Yair Siegel, Director of Product Marketing, Imaging & Vision, CEVA DSP
Sensor Innovations and Novel Applications:
  • Monolithic Deep Depletion CMOS Imagers on High Resistivity Silicon, Stefan Lauxtermann, President and Founder, Sensor Creations
  • Integrated CMOS Spectral and 3D Depth Sensors, Steve Saxe, Product Line Manager - Optical Security and Performance Products, Viavi Solutions
  • Optogenetics and Computational Diffractive Sensing for Novel Brain Interfaces, David Stork, Fellow, Rambus
  • Novel CMOS Technology for Superior Low Light Performance, Speaker TBC

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