Thursday, September 03, 2015

AR Startup Magic Leap Publishes 115 Patent Applications in 2 Weeks

re/code, Fortune: AR startup Magic Leap known by a high profile Google investment at a valuation of $2 billion, managed to publish 115 patent applications in just 2 weeks from Aug. 20 to Sept 3. None of these patents relates to image sensors, but Magic Leap's product uses cameras and gesture recognition quite extensively, as shown in the company's Youtube video:


  1. All the windows are closed :)-

    1. Good observation! and the lights are off, too. Everything seems to work in low light. I guess this is a limitation of their stimulus generator.

  2. It's highly unlikely that the embedded video has anything to do with their actual device.

  3. We can also file 1000 patents by listing all what we can do with a camera :)-

    -yang ni


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