Friday, June 07, 2019

Analog Devices ToF Sensor Development

Analog Devices posts a video of the presentation of its ToF imaging solution at Embedded World 2019 held in Nuremberg, Germany, in March:

Analog Devices Garage, the internal new ideas research unit, posts more info on its development of ToF sensor, first presented at CES 2019:

"ADI is among a short list of companies with the expertise to enable high-performance, cost-effective ToF solutions and the Analog Devices solution has been in the market for several years. However, when faced with the challenge of operating multiple ToF cameras together – at least 10 with a roadmap to 64 cameras operating simultaneously in close proximity – the marketing and applications team turned to Analog Garage.

Atulya Yellepeddi, research scientist at Analog Garage, added, “There was a clear constraint on the solution side in that we knew we had to use the sensor and camera module with the ADI AFE. But we needed to similarly constrain the problem to be solved. Following the Analog Garage process provided the structure our teams needed to effectively collaborate.”

According to Pat O’Doherty, vice president of emerging business and head of Analog Garage, “The interference reduction algorithms that resulted from the ToF AGI are a shining example of going beyond silicon to create and capture value. It’s important to note that the innovation was the result of combining the BU’s deep understanding of the application and the device architecture, and the algorithm expertise of the Analog Garage scientists.

Analog Devices is also working on automotive LiDAR platform, presented in another video:

Interestingly, the platform does mention Vescent Photonics OPA beam steering technology that ADI acquired in 2016.

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