Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Emberion to Launch Graphene-Based Linear Sensor at the End of June

NovusLight, IMV Europe: Emberion is launching a VIS-SWIR graphene photodetector at Laser World of Photonics, to be held on June 24-27 June in Munich, Germany. The technology has been shortlisted for an innovation award at the trade fair.

The linear array wide spectral range spans from the visible at 400nm into SWIR up to 1,800nm. Emberion estimates that replacing a system using silicon and InGaAs sensors with its graphene photodetector would result in a 30% cost reduction.

Graphene’s unique properties and its compatibility to combine with other nanomaterials allowed us to create this cost-effective array for spectrometers,” explained Tapani Ryhänen, CEO of Emberion. “Providing broad spectrum capabilities, without the expense of traditional InGaAs sensors, the VIS-SWIR graphene photodetector provides a digital output using Emberion’s inhouse designed read out circuits (ROIC) — without the need to translate analogue data with additional components.

With sensitivity and noise levels comparable to InGaAs detectors, our graphene-based sensors are a more affordable option for businesses who were previously faced with costly products.

The detector cannot compete with silicon CMOS for visible light detection, Dr Vuokko Lantz, product manager at Emberion, told IMV Europe in an article about hyperspectral imaging. But to extend into the shortwave infrared, the graphene photodetector becomes ‘a very interesting alternative’, Lantz said.

Lantz added: ‘Our detector can offer similar performance to InGaAs in the near and shortware infrared region, and we outperform InGaAs in the visible region.

InVision publishes Emberion article: "The first commercial product utilizing this technology is a 512×1 linear array sensor with a 16bit digital output. The pixel geometry (25×500µm) follows the conventional requirements of the spectrometer systems. The VIS-SWIR linear array sensor will be available in September 2019. The linear array will be followed by a VGA (512×640) image sensor product available in spring 2020. The image sensor has versatile applications, e.g. in machine/night vision and hyperspectral imaging."

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