Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Smartsens Announces Cost-Effective 4K Sensor

PRNewswire: SmartSens announces SC8238 as the company's latest product in its SmartClarity technology line. SC8238 supports 1/2.7" optical format 4K consumer video applications. Most 4K imaging sensors are said to underperform at low light conditions, have high power consumption, and a high price.

With its cost-effectiveness and superior product performance, SC8238 enables many use cases at lower cost and lower power consumption for such applications as smart home surveillance, security devices, video-conferencing, and sports cameras.

The 8MP device uses 1.5um BSI pixel and has the lowest power consumption among products of the same type. The product can reach a sensitivity of 1160mV/Lux-s with a maximum SNR of 36dB. Additionally, the sensor's DR reaches up to 100dB in HDR mode and 70dB in linear mode. SC8238 operation temperature range spans from -30C to over 85C.

"The cost-effectiveness and utility for consumer video applications makes SC8238 the most powerful device in our SmartClarity product line to date," said William Ma, COO of SmartSens Technology. "The sensor's capabilities make it ideal for providing unparalleled image quality while being able to satisfy the demands of multiple consumer segments at a competitive price point."

SmartSens will begin the mass production of SC8238 this June.

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