Friday, June 28, 2019

Albert Theuwissen Reviews Day 4 of IISW

Albert Theuwissen publishes his report about the last day of IISW 2019. This part talks about rad-hard image sensors and global shutter session. The report wraps up:

"The IISW2019 was again a big success, many excellent presentations, all high quality papers, good atmosphere, perfect organization. The interest of the participants can be best judged by the amount of people that are willing to stay till the very last paper is presented."


  1. the comment of Albert that TPSCo's next generation GS will be 2.2u pixel is worth mentioning (at least for the machine vision community...). Currently they already ship 2.5u based sensors, maybe the presented paper talks about a next generation of this pixel. For Cmount optics, currently the maximum available sensor with this pixel seems to be of 5120x5120 format, for APS-C 8192x8192. According to, Cmount allows for 4/3" optics, which means an image circle diameter of 22mm. For APS-C (which seems to get some optic products for industry applications under the title TFL-Mount) the max diameter seems to be 30.1mm. With a 2.2u pixel, a global shutter sensor with about 7000x7000 for Cmount and about 9600x9600 for APS-C would be possible. With a 10GigE or CXP12 interface transferred in about 40ms resp. 75ms.

  2. Albert Theuwissen - Harvest ImagingJuly 1, 2019 at 3:49 PM

    The paper was about the 2.5 um pixel.


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