Thursday, June 27, 2019

Oppo Demos its Hidden Under-Display Selfie Camera

Engadget quotes its colleagues from China visiting Oppo under-display camera demo at MWC at Shanghai:

"When the camera is idle, the screen works just as normal. However, when you look up close, the area above the camera appears to be more pixelated. According to Oppo, this zoned-out area features a highly-transparent material plus a redesigned pixel structure for improved light transmittance. In other words, this camera tech requires a customized display panel, because existing ones won't do the job -- their transparency properties are only good enough for in-display fingerprint readers, but not conventional cameras.

The under-screen camera itself also packs a larger sensor with bigger pixels, along with a larger aperture to get as much light as possible.

...based on our quick comparison, there's certainly room for improvement in terms of clarity and color accuracy.

Here is an example of selfie image quality of the Oppo camera (right) in comparison with a regular selfie camera (left):

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