Thursday, June 20, 2019

Guy Meynants Joins Photolitics

Bulgaria-based image sensor startup Photolitics is proud to announce that Guy Meynants has recently joined the management team of the young company focusing on speciality image sensor designs such as high speed linescan sensors, medical image sensors and highspeed imaging. Guy Meynants has been one of the first CMOS image sensor designers in Europe, starting with this “art” in 1994 at IMEC where he contributed amongst other to the first Web-cam flying to Mars, which is still sending images from its orbit around the red planet today (see

Guy was co-founder of Fillfactory which now is part of ON Semiconductor. In 2007, Guy co-founded CMOSIS and served as its CEO until 2009 when he became CTO and after AMS acquired CMOSIS he served as Engineering Fellow. Guy has always been working on image sensor design and technology development. He developed image sensors for SLR, space and industrial machine vision applications. He authored 60 publications and 30+ patent applications in the field. He is also board member and secretary of the International Image Sensor Society, an organisation to serve the CIS R&D community.


  1. Congrats Guy! Working for a Bulgarian company should be an interesting next adventure!

    1. First, he moved south-east from Belgium to Austria AMS. Now he continues his south-east move farther to Bulgaria.

      Congratulations and good luck, Guy!

  2. Congrats Guy! Didn't expect you to leave the Belgian beers behind you...

  3. is there anyone left from the cmosis team at ams now? do they have anything new in the pipeline for a post cmv product?

  4. There is now a cmv upgrade ... .. for sure ams retained crucial elements in the team, in order to maintain a continuous stream of new sensors and innovation..


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