Saturday, June 01, 2019

Image Sensor Essentials in 11min

IEEE Solid State Circuits Society has recently opened its Youtube channel with interesting explanatory videos on different topics. Makoto Ikeda from Tokyo University managed to squeeze an amazing amount of info in just over 11min video about image sensors:


  1. Albert Theuwissen - Harvest ImagingJune 2, 2019 at 10:51 AM

    Here is another one of Ikeda-san :
    BTW, coincidently prof. Ikeda will be (one of the two) speakers at the Harvest Imaging Forum 2019.

  2. I guess this is what engineers strive for. All our efforts over many years being boiled down to 11 min of making it all seem rather obvious.

    1. Albert Theuwissen - Harvest ImagingJune 2, 2019 at 8:48 PM

      Unfortunately I do have to agree with Eric, and the information they get is expected to be free of charge ...

  3. Here we go... easy trap to have the two more expensive image sensor consultants of the world intervene :)

  4. Great info and yes exactly what engineers are looking for.
    Efficiency of establishing the previous state of the art to enable other, new ideas to come forward.
    Don't all image sensor consultants have a similar open source slide deck, saving their secret sauce for the emerging areas? ;)

  5. You will have to ask AT. I don't do "teaching" consulting because that would compete with his earning a living and besides, it is too much like work. I do IP consulting and have done some research consulting. I try to be as expensive as possible but lately have been too busy to accept new assignments. So, no slide deck but I have several videos available on my website from invited presentations over the years. Mike Guidash and Jerry Hynecek are two excellent technical consultants, along with Albert.


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