Friday, June 21, 2019

Smartphone Camera Resolution Grows

Counterpoint Research article talks about smartphone camera resolution:

"The trend of smartphone OEMs increasing the camera megapixels (MP) was clear in Q1 2019. According to Counterpoint Research’s data, smartphones with cameras of more than 12MP accounted for over 82% of the total shipments in Q1 2019.

During the quarter, the ratio of smartphones equipped with higher than 40MP rear camera reached nearly 3.6%, due to the increasing adoption of 48MP (0.8µm), which was applied in HONOR V20 and then widely used as the main camera within the triple camera setup.

In spite of a slight decrease in market share, the ratio of the 12~13MP camera remained over 57%. The massive adoption of 12MP is attributable to the trend of pursuing high-quality image, leveraging the relatively larger pixel size (1.22/1.4/1.55µm).

However, the share of 16~18MP was flat as compared to the previous quarter, while the ratio of smartphones equipped with an 8MP(or less) camera has been decreasing.

Samsung LSI just launched a new image sensor with resolution up to 64MP, aiming at the fall release cycle of smartphone flagships. This will further raise the level and quality of smartphone cameras, also resulting in an increased Bill of Materials (BoM) share.

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