Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Apple Stops Working on Quantum Dot Imager with Nanoco

iClarified quotes Telegraph.co.uk report that Apple stops working on Quantum Dot image sensor and does not extend a contract with Manchester, UK-based Nanoco supplying the QD materials. Apple "has now informed Nanoco that the project will not continue beyond the current contract, for reasons wholly unconnected to the performance of our materials and our service delivery."

Apple was expected to use the QD technology in a future iPhone image sensor that could have debuted as early as this year.

Thanks to JB for the pointer!


  1. What happened to Apple's purchase of InVisage Technologies? Those QD films (QuantumFilm) were made in Taiwan.

  2. Perhaps the sensors were made in Taiwan with material supplied by Nanoco? A former coworker who went to InVisage is now elsewhere. Not sure if there is a correlation or just coincidence.


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