Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Espros Unveils TOF>cam 635

ESPROS rolled out the first series production modules of the new 3D camera, TOF>cam 635. This module is based on ESPORS' ToF chip epc635 with 160 x 60 pixels and improved ambient light suppression up to 100Klux. The cameras firmware controls image acquisition and processing to provide a calibrated and filtered 3D point cloud. It also delivers a grayscale image. This combined with sophisticated algorithms allows interference and motion blur detection and suppression. The cost is said to be very low.

ESPROS also offers a full custom module design & manufacturing service.


  1. What's the application?

    1. According to their web site:

      gesture recognition
      incabin monitoring
      humanoid and houshold robots
      doors and gates
      people counting
      industrial automated guided vehicle

    2. For gesture recognition and these kind of robots the module seems a bit too big (8 x 2.4 x 2.8 cm). As to in-cabin monitoring - wouldn't this be a safety feature and hence, require ISO262 and AEC-Q100 ratings? Temperature range also seems too low for automotive. People counting can be done with lower power 3D line sensors or even 2D sensors. And that's probably also true for "doors and gates"

      To me only the last item seems to make sense - but how big is that market?

  2. Does anybody know it is a dToF or iToF chip?

  3. It's basing on theirs epc635 chip. So its iToF.


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