Wednesday, June 26, 2019

AutoSens Brussels Agenda

Autosens Brussels scheduled for September 17-19, 2019 publishes its agenda with quite a lot of image sensor-related presentations:

  • Recent Developments in the CIS Auto World, 3 hour 15 min lecture by Albert Theuwissen, IISS
  • Overview of the challenges and requirements for state-of-the-art sensors across the major sensor types, Geoff Ballew, ON Semi
  • Panel Discussion: Who will be the winners and losers in AV and automotive sensors?
  • Snow-aware ADAS with Active Hyperspectral Sensing, Raul Bravo,
  • The race to a low-cost LIDAR system, Dexin Chen, IHS Markit
  • ShortWave Infrared Breaking the Status Quo - Identifying Hazards on the Road and Solving the Low Visibility Challenge, Uriel Levy, Trieye
  • The New Generation of MEMS LiDAR for Automotive Applications, Florian Petit, Blickfeld
  • A novel CCD LiDAR imager, Beat de Coi, Espros
  • Invisible integration of solid-state LIDAR to make beautiful self-driving cars, Filip Geuens, Xenomatix
  • Hybridization - To do, or not to do? An Update of use of Hybrid Lenses for Automotive ADAS Applications, Ingo Flodvari, Sunex
  • The evolution of automotive lighting, and considerations for the integration of illuminators and sensors into headlamps, Paul Lyon, Varroc Lighting Systems
  • Detectivity – Ranking Cameras for Machine Vision Tasks, Robin Jenkin, Nvidia
  • Testing automotive camera modules - the difference between theory and reality, Uwe Artmann, Image Engineering

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