Monday, June 17, 2019

In Defense of Sony Semiconductor Spin-off

BusinessWire: Activist investor Third Point Highlights publishes explanations of its proposal to spin-off Sony image sensor business, opens A Stronger Sony dedicated web site promoting that, and publishes a 102-page long presentation with a lot of interesting market data, primarily from TSR.

The presentation gives a nice definition of image sensor on slide 27:

"Image sensor is an analog semiconductor with average price of $2 that processes light from the outside world and transforms those wavelengths into 1s and 0s."


  1. Sony's imaging product business (projectors, pro and consumer cameras, TVs) likely informs the image sensor business, and this link would be lost if semiconductors were broken off.

  2. Despite Mr. Loeb's excellent reputation, his lengthy analysis report seems rather shallow and overall flawed with regard to its conclusions.

    I will contact Mr. Loeb in person for further due diligence.


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