Thursday, June 06, 2019

Imec Low Cost THz and IR Imagers

Imec Future Summits publishes a short video about its quantum dot IR sensors:

Another video presents low cost THz imaging:


  1. Nice job! Would've been nice to see the actual demonstrators in action as well - not only the interviews.

  2. I agree. It is very frustrating not to have any specification, video or explanation on the technology. It looks more like marketing videos without scientific or technical value...

  3. Well, for THz googling indeed doesn't show much - something about Silicon Photonics and Germanium diodes:

    For the thin-film sensors there have been several publications about the underlying principle, but for now they've only been presenting data on diodes on glass substrates and alike. This is their first demonstrator in CMOS. Apparently, that will be presented at this year's IISW. Most recent publications before seem to be:

    1. thanks for sharing the links. This: (also linked here: seems to be the paper version of the IISW presentation, with a bit more details and many links to other papers.


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