Wednesday, June 05, 2019

LIDAR News: Quanergy, Velodyne, Cepton, Ouster, Blickfeld, Koito

BusinessWire: Quanergy legal battle with Velodyne goes on with no end in sight:

Quanergy plans to appeal the ruling by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) regarding the validity of Velodyne’s US Patent 7,969,558. Quanergy additionally announced that it is considering enforcement options of its intellectual property against Velodyne.

The ‘558 patent describes and claims a device and a process that is obvious to a person of ordinary skill in the art, according to Quanergy. Spinning electromagnetic sensors with emitters and receivers have been around for decades. Quanergy provided the PTAB with prior art sufficient to invalidate the relevant claims of the ‘558 patent. Quanergy believes the PTAB ruling will be overturned on appeal.

Quanergy is currently considering assertion of one or more of its patents against Velodyne. Prior to seeing Quanergy’s innovative design, Velodyne’s LiDARs all included a spinning external housing that included the optical components, such as the HDL-64E and HDL-32E models. These LiDARs proved unreliable for continued use and manufacturing, says Quanergy. The main design change that allowed Velodyne to switch from its original design and make a significantly more reliable and manufacturing-worthy puck-type product line came about through implementation of Quanergy’s intellectual property.

We are fully confident that Quanergy will prevail in this battle, as we are the true innovators and veterans in the space,” said Louay Eldada, CEO and co-founder of Quanergy. “We will not rest until our intellectual property based on decades of innovation and hard work is respected, and we receive the financial damages resulting from any infringement. We have seven issued patents that we intend to use to examine all LiDAR competitors’ products and protect our intellectual rights.

Velodyne Lidar Inc. is the inventor of the surround view lidar and we were confident that our patent would be upheld,said Marta Hall, President of Velodyne. “The ruling was not a surprise because real-time surround view lidar was invented by our Founder, David Hall, and the company holds a number of foundational patents relative to this technology. We are an invention-based company and will always be inventing and innovating technologies, so we take protecting our hard-earned intellectual property seriously. In response to the ruling, we’ll be evaluating our enforcement options moving forward.

BusinessWire: Cepton unveils SORA-P60 LiDAR. Based on Cepton’s Micro-Motion Technology (MMT) the lidar provides 1,200 scan lines per second for scanning fast moving objects. In combination with Cepton’s edge-compute hardware, the SORA-Edge, it becomes a powerful, mobile object classification and volumetric measurement device which can send its data over Ethernet, Wi-Fi or LTE to a central processing server.

Cepton’s SORA-P60’s three scan lines, each scanning at 400Hz, enables accurate scanning for advanced classification of objects traveling at highway speeds,” said Jerone Floor, Cepton’s Head of Product. “To put it in perspective, 400Hz translates to a scan line every five centimeters for an object traveling at 50 miles per hour. This means you can measure the size of a tow hitch and trailer on a vehicle traveling on a highway in real time.

This new and unique technology has the potential to revolutionize the automated road tolling industry. Deploying Cepton’s high-speed scanning lidar as the prime sensor can reduce the cost of system installation by using fewer ground loops,” said Neil Huntingdon, Cepton’s VP of Business Development. “The SORA-P60 can complement automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) systems by pinpointing the location of a vehicle license plate, reducing the computing power required by traditional computer vision ANPR systems.

Ouster introduces two weeks lead time guarantee for its older OS-1 series of LiDARs:

"Unfortunately, the lidar industry has a reputation for long lead times for delivery, and we often hear customers assuming that it will take months to get their hands on our sensors.

Today, we’re changing that and announcing the Ouster Lead Time Guarantee.

In the same way we’ve opened up the lidar industry with transparent pricing and honest specs, we’re upping the ante again by guaranteeing that if you purchase at least one OS-1-16 or -64 sensor from us or our distributors, we’ll ship your first two sensors in two weeks or less. No more waiting around for your sensors to ship. Your projects are too important for that.

Blikfeld and Koito announce that they will explore technologies to develop a LiDAR sensor that can be fully integrated into a headlight. The integration of Blickfeld’s LiDAR into Koito headlamps will enable automobile manufacturers to possess LiDAR technology in which the sensor is fully integrated into the vehicle.

Before Blickfeld, Koito has announced partnerships with Quanergy and Cepton, but these announcements can't be found on Koito site anymore. Hopefully, the new partnership with Blickfeld would not follow the same way.

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